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  • Wing ( DO Type)Rubber Fender:

    Wing ( DO Type)Rubber Fender:

    Wing Rubber Fenders are improved D fenders with two wings. They are compression moulded and generally used on tugs, boats, ships, quays, piers and warehouses, etc.

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  • Square Rubber Fenders

    Square Rubber Fenders

    Square Rubber Fender, as its name implies, is extruded into simple square shape and commonly used on tugs, vessels, boats, ships, small jetties, terminals, shipyards and all types of docks, etc.

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  • Aircraft Tyre Fender

    Aircraft Tyre Fender

    Aircraft tyre is a very good marine fender, which can be used as boat fender, rubber fender to protect the ship or dock from damage of collision. Especially it can be used for tug boat.

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  • Tugboat Rubber Fender

    Tugboat Rubber Fender

    Tugboat fenders, as its name implies, are generally wound around tugboats to counterpart the impact force between two tugboats or between tugboat and docks.

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  • Roller Fenders

    Roller Fenders

    Roller rubber fenders feature wheels fixed to a metal frame to allow rotations along with movements of berthing vessels to counteract the impact force, control berthing speed and prevent hull damage.

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