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Sales Service


Sales Service

Sales service

As one of the model enterprises in the shipping and marine industry, Qingdao Xincheng Rubber Products Co., Ltd. (referred to as XINCHENG) has always insisted on the core value concept, and strive to achieve "quality first, customer first, service oriented", to lead and promote the standardization of the service of the shipping industry.

For the realization of "take the customer as the center" service objectives and originality in the process of service delivery planning, customer experience improvement, innovation, in the industry took the lead in turn to the customer provides "booking service", "quality repair," 7 * 24-hour call center "etc. XINCHENG aims to provide our customers with best service and willing to work with all sectors of the community to carry out a comprehensive and multi-level cooperation, common development work. 


Service team

Pre-sales team:

    XINCHENG marine equipments have more than 20 of the marketing team to provide customers with enthusiasm, professional services, to provide product technical standards and parameters, for customers to choose more suitable products.

After-sales team:

    XINCHENG marine equipments have more than 30 engineers to provide customers with quality services, they at any time, any place will be superb service technology, full of enthusiasm to provide customers with fast quality service.

Call center:

    XINCHENG is first company in the industry to establish a 7*24 hours of call center, to provide customers with voice services, including ordering, consulting, service and other advanced customer relationship management concept, the standard of customer service system, warm customer service team...... Fully reflects XINCHENG marine supplies to honor the customer centered service concept of the actual operation and determination.